Please Donate Your Extra Seeds to WinterSown.Org

Many Winter Sowers and gardeners would like to share their seeds with WinterSown.Org so that the seeds can be distributed to individuals through our Seeds for SASE programs or sent in bulk to worthy organizations or persons in need. The FAQs on this page will assist you in sharing your seeds.

What type of organization is WinterSown.Org?

WinterSown Educational is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in New York State and maintains a presence on the web with WinterSown.Org.

What types of seeds can I send?

Flowers, bushes, trees, vines, ornamental grasses, fruits, tomatoes, vegetables and herbs are all welcome and needed. Seed packages must be labeled. No invasive species please.

I found some very old seed packs in a drawer, can I donate them?

Older seeds have reduced germination rates. We ask that you please do not donate seeds more than three years old.

I don't know if my plants are invasive. What are invasive species?

Invasive species are harmful non-native species, and a serious and costly national problem, often with personal impact.

Is there a website with reliable information where I can learn more?

Yes. Please visit:
National Invasive Species Information Center
Gateway to invasive species information.

Do the seeds I donate need to be hand collected?

No. You may donate hand-collected seeds and/or packaged seeds sold in stores and catalogues.

I don't always sow a full pack of seeds, may I donate seed packs I've already opened and taken some seeds from?

Yes. These are always welcome and are oftentimes shared with youth or adult education classes and/or sent bundled with other packs to large groups and clubs.

I am a new gardener and do not know all the plant names. Can I collect and send seeds from these plants?

Yes, you may. For example, a Mom writes:

My son sprouted marigold seeds in his classroom. He brought the seedlings home and I planted them in my garden. They have grown well and appear to be a mix of marigold plants with different flowers.

I've saved their seeds and I would like to share them with WinterSown but I don't know the variety name. What should I do?

Label the seed packet with a generic description that includes the plant name, their approximate mature height, and a simple description of the flower color(s) and petal count ~ such as single, semi-full, or fully double. If the seeds are from a blend, please also add "blend" to the label. A picture of the flowers can be very helpful but is not required.

I am a very new gardener. I know how to collect seeds from my plants, but hardly know the names of any of them. Where can I learn the names of my plants?

For information about plants please visit:
National Agricultural Library: Plants and Crops

What should I include with the seeds?

Please include your contact information with a mailing address and an email too. When your seeds arrive we'll send a receipt with our thanks.

Does WinterSown.Org need anything else?

Yes, we have a wish list!

Loose unused postage stamps, size 5160 label paper, standard office supplies too.
Monetary donations: Please make checks or money orders to:
WinterSown Educational Organization

How should I send my seeds to WinterSown.Org?

Your seeds can be send in a padded mailer or inside a box. Please make sure all the seed packets inside are well closed so that seeds do spill out during shipment. Send the seeds via USPS, FedEx, UPS or similar parcel carriers.

Where do I send my seeds?

WinterSown Seed Donations
1989 School Street
East Meadow, NY 11554

Seed Donation Check List

1. No invasive species.
2. Seeds less than three years old.
3. All packs labeled.
4. All packs closed tight.
5. Send in padded mailer or box.
6. Contact information included.
7. USPS, FedEx or UPS

Send to:

WinterSown Seed Donations
1989 School Street
East Meadow, NY 11554

Please remember to include your contact info with your donation so we can let you know the seeds arrived and send a note of thanks.

WinterSown.Org ~ Please share your extra seeds.

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