FAQs ~ Frequently Asked Questions

The WinterSown FAQs provide many answers about the germination method. They are simple, common sense ideas that will help you have the best possible experience with Winter Sowing. Reading the FAQs is important for beginners and is also an excellent refresher for experienced Winter Sowers who looking to get back to basics.

Winter Sowing Containers ~ Recycle milk jugs, whipped topping tubs and more to make sowing containers.
Winter Sowing Solstice Celebration ~ Sow for Remembrance, Life, Mother Nature, Faith

Ornamental Plants ~ Grasses, Roses, Hostas.

Tomatoes ~ Yes! You can Winter Sow tomatoes.

Container Gardening ~ Winter Sow in large planters.

Failures ~ The most common causes.

Dual Purposes ~ Jumping for Joy!

Seed Saving ~ Learn to save seed from common garden plants.

Seed Trading ~ Suggestions for successful online seed trading.

WinterSown.Org ~ FAQs ~ Frequently Asked Questions
Seedling Techniques ~ Hardening-Off, Hunk-O-Seedlings, more...
Seedling Care ~ Garden bed preparation, deterring slugs and snails.
Quick Fixes ~ Winds, storms, flats too dry, flats too wet.
Light Requirements ~ Ignore indoor-sowing light requirements,
Direct Sowing ~ Information offered for comparison.

WinterSown is rewriting its FAQs. All FAQs above the purple line are completed. For more information about the technique please visit our FAQs located at GardenWeb.com.