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Vented Covers are needed for two important reasons.

Why do we cover the containers?

With covers ~

Seeds cannot be washed out of the soil by a strong downpour of rain.

Weed seeds cannot be washed  into the sown seeds when they are splashed from the nearby ground.

Wind blown weed seeds have less chance of settling on the soil surface inside a flat to sprout and germinate with your sown seeds.

Seeds are food. Hungry birds, critters and bugs cannot easily get to the seeds to eat them.

Milk  Jug

Styrofoam Cup

Why do we put small slits or wholes in the covers?

So that ~

Air, that has been heated by the sun, can quickly vent up and away.

Rain or melting snow will seep into the container keeping the soil moist.

Strong winds are de deflected which helps reduce evaporation of soil moistire through its surface.

An exchange of fresh air helps to prevent damping-off.

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