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Winter Sowing in a Styrofoam Cup

Styrofoam cups come in many sizes and are narrower at the base than their tops. To keep them from tipping over nest several cups together in a larger tray that can drain away water and rain.

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Early spring sprouts--these cold-tolerant seedlings are coming up through icy frost.

Flip the cup over and snap on the lid to hold it firmly in place. Use a paring knife to add air vents.
Clean and washed lids and tops. And some duct tape.

A little snowfall covers the containers. Don't worry if your winter doesn't have snow, it still is a lot colder than the rest of the seasons and has shorter daylight hours. WinterSown  containers don't need snow and ice to sprout, they only need the season called winter.

We Love Variation!

Winter Sowing is very flexible and adaptable. You will see many variations on how to prepare and close different containers--everyone does it their own way.

Enjoy Winter Sowing your way with your containers and how you want to make them. Have fun!


An old foil lasagna pans acts as a nesting tray to hold several cups together. The tray has drain slits.
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Add a piece of duct tape for a label.
Poke in some drain holes with a pen or pencil.
Use a permanent marker and write the seed name.