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Winter Sowing in a Milk Jug

Over the years the gallon-size milk jug or water bottle has become the iconic container for Winter Sowing. It's easy to obtain and easy to prepare. Toss away the cap for ventilation because its open spout is all you need for fresh air to get in and heated air to waft up and out. The handle makes it eas to tote in the garden.

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Use a small piece of duct tape to hold top to bottom.
Use the knife to cut around the middle of the jug. Marking the jug with cutting lines can be useful for beginners. Do not cut through the jug label with chill work as a hinge.
Photo shows a prepared jug.
Fill the container to about an inch from the top with your favorite potting soil or sowing medium. Soils that are fertilizer enhanced are acceptable for use as their slow-release fertilizer is very gentle and will not harm seedling roots or foster rapid top growth. 
Label the bottom of the container with duct tape and write the name with a permanent marker. Under the jug the suns rays cannot bleach out the writing. If you are adding a plant tag to the soil then on it write the name once and then write over it a second time to put down a double-layer of ink to resist fading in the sun.
Use a larger strip of tape completely around to close up the container.
Clean jug, no cap needed.
Press a sharp paring knife into the soft plastic by the base to make a drainage slit on all four sides.
Moisten the soil and scatter seeds over the top, then gently apply a thin layer of soil to barely cover the seed. Gently pat the surface to firm and give the seeds good contact with the moist soil.

We Love Variation!

Winter Sowing is very flexible and adaptable. You will see many variations on how to prepare and close different containers--everyone does it their own way.

Enjoy Winter Sowing your way with your containers and how you want to make them. Have fun!

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